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What is the inspiration behind the blog Beyond A Bubble?

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was exposed to success and fame at a young age. Because I knew people for more than what they did as a job, it skewed my perception of the idealized success story that social media has now created. I realized that behind each perfect post or success story there is another normal person who has their own struggles and hardships. Instead of idolizing a Tiktoker who has millions of followers or comparing ourselves to a fitness instructor who seemingly has their life figured out, I think it is important to remind society that everyone is human regardless of what they do. This idea, however, has been lost in translation throughout the years and created a narrative that certain people or livelihoods are unachievable to most. This concept is what led me to start Beyond A Bubble. On this blog we “burst the bubble” of the assumptions society has about people who do specific jobs. Each week we will be introduced to the person behind the job they do rather than the idealized life they are assumed to live.

So how does this blog operate?

This blog stems from conversation and community! Each Sunday, our Instagram account @beyondabubble will post an instagram story poll. We ask YOU your assumptions about people who work in that certain profession. Your assumptions and thoughts drive this blog. They guide the conversations we have and they allow us to understand one another.  Each week we will sit down and have open, authentic conversations with people who have achieved societal success about who they are, what led them onto path they are on, and what they have to say about the assumptions people have.

Why is this blog important?

We live in a society where we are constantly comparing ourselves to false narratives. This blog is a platform where people can relate to each other and motivate one another. Success tends to make people seem one dimensional. This blog is something that people are searching for, a way to humanize role models.

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