Your Assumptions about Women in Entertainment!

Assumptions about Women in Entertainment Assumptions about Women in Entertainment Assumptions about Women in Entertainmant

It is a new week which means we are tackling your new assumptions! This week we are looking at people’s perception of women in the entertainment industry. In general, your assumptions were that women have to work harder than their male counter parts. This assumption could be largely based on the gender pay gap we see in the entertainment industry. This conversation has been prevalent in these last few years, with actresses such as Michelle Williams and Charlize Theron. Another assumption that stood out was that women in entertainment have to continuously re invent themselves to stay relevant. Taylor Swift discussed this complex conversation in her documentary Miss Americana about the pressure women face to keep the masses attention. If you want to participate in our next assumption Q&A follow @beyondabubble on instagram and look out for our stories every Sunday!

This week I am sitting down with Elisa Donovan. You may recognize from Clueless, 90210, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In this conversation we talked about being in cultural phenomenons, how she navigates being a woman in the entertainment industry, and how she turned doubt into motivation. Her interview will be posted in the interview tab of our blog on Wednesday!